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About Us

Sakura Martial Arts Supplies

Setting the standards woldwide since 1976

Sakura has been successful since its 1977 founding in the United States. Since then, Sakura Martial Arts Supply Co. has been providing the very best in martial arts supplies and services worldwide. The rapid and continued growth of Sakura is based on our reputation for outstanding service, which has become our trademark. A leading pioneer in the martial arts supplies industry, Sakura was the very first to sell martial arts products electronically, even before the Internet. Sakura has been the behind the scenes supplier to many well known suppliers in the industry. Sakura has acted as a consultant and model for a great many other notable brick and mortar and Internet based martial arts suppliers. Each has adopted our standards and procedures for their own operations. Our success has been due in large part to the philosophy of our management team that will continue to motivate, guide and inspire us forever.

In addition to our own Sakura brand lines of products that we manufacture, and distribute, Sakura also provides the most complete line of martial arts, security, and fitness merchandise, including the most popular and requested name brand items. Sakura uses several strategically located warehouses in the U.S. to provide you with faster, more efficient and economic handling and distribution of your products.

Some benefits of doing business with Sakura:

Sakura has been rated the top supplier by customers.

Sakura operates around the clock, 7 days a week for your convenience

Sakura has no minimum order size for retail or wholesale customers

Sakura processes most orders the same day they are received

Sakura customers comment on how surprised they are that their packages arrived so quickly

Sakura has fast, efficient service from highly trained, knowledgeable, courteous personnel

Sakura has a vast product line with virtually thousands of products

Sakura offers a wide range of specialized and custom products

Sakura recycles! We help conserve our natural resources and our customers save much due to our recycling efforts.


Sakura has a corporate commitment to meet and surpass the expectations of our customers. We want to be sure our products, services, and support meet your requirements. Sakura employees take personal pride and responsibility for ensuring your complete satisfaction.

Sakura strives to be the leader in providing the very best in top quality martial arts supplies and services to all of our customers. Sakura works to increase the capabilities necessary to be a primary source for our customers throughout our entire line of products and services with an overall focus on the highest quality and standards.

Sakura is committed to

  • Operating with the highest moral and ethical standards
  • Superior service and satisfaction for each of our customers
  • Professionalism in all aspects of our business operations

Sakura is focused on quality long-term growth due to fresh ideas, innovations and by listening to and catering to the needs of our staff and customers. Sakura is already looking ahead to the next decade, century, and the next millennium with great anticipation. We are prepared to grow and prosper. Loyal customers, dedicated staff and a vast menu of superb products are the cornerstones for our continued success. Coupled with talent, confidence in what we are doing, and imagination, along with innovative management, leadership and hard work, Sakura will continue to be guided by the Corporate Vision.

We look forward to serving you soon.