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How To Tie Repair Restring Nunchaku

Sakura Martial Arts Supplies How To Series. How to How To Tie Repair Restring Nunchaku.


Below is the original traditional way to string Nunchaku. There are practical combat related reasons for it to be tied in this fashion. 

Cutaway views.
This is what the inside of the Nunchaku looks like.

Before tying, place candle wax on the points shown to ease tying and reduce friction during use.

1. Follow the diagram. Use a paper clip if needed

2. Push the end back up through the top.

3. Pull cord tight here and make sure the loose ends are even
4. Start B the same way as A

5. Insert the other end as shown.

Adjust the distance between the heads of the Nunchaku now before tying the final knot. One fist width is the standard.

6. A standard double knot is more than sufficient. You can clip the ends and singe the tips to finish.
Pull the Nunchaku apart firmly to seat the rope and knot.

7. An alternate way to tuck and finish the ends. You can make another double knot on the other side.


In addition to knowing how to properly tie Nunchaku, it is highly recommended that you learn the proper names for the major parts of the weapon. Try the Sakura Martial Arts Supplies Nunchaku anatomy chart poster. 


Nunchaku are certainly one of the most  well known and popular martial arts weapons. The proper spelling for the weapon is Nunchaku, pronounced – noon-chah-koo. Nunchaku are now referred to by many names. Below are some of the most popular search terms used to find Nunchaku related content. If you have any to add to this list, send us a message.

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